Manhaj al-salaf and ahl ul-sunnah wal-jamaa’ah

“Al-salaf” (the forefathers, or ones who passed before) are one and the same as “ahl ul-sunnah wal-jamaa’ah” (the followers of the sunnah and the united Islamic community). They comprise those who follow the example of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions (may Allaah be pleased with him), and adhere to their principles, beliefs, and practices. This fact is witnessed by the Prophet’s statement when he was asked about the party that will be saved and spared (from Hell), in which he said: “They are those who are (i.e., live, act, and believe) as I and my companions are today.”

Clarification regarding al-'Eemaan and a defence of Shaykh al-Albaanee

Are there still, in our time, those who speak with or believe that with which the early Murji’ah spoke or believed?

In defence of Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymee and his treatise Tanbeeh Thawil Afhaam

Shaykh Saalih bin Fawzaan al-Fawzaan (حفظه الله): "I say read the treatise, spread it...

Incorrect application of boycotting

This [boycotting of certain Salafee students of knowledge by other Salafees due to them not declaring a certain person an innovator although the Salafee scholars differ over them] is from the dangerous diseases that some of the du’aat (callers to Islaam) or those that claim to have knowledge have fallen into.

Disease of indiscriminate boycotting

Question: We have Salafee students of knowledge from a particular country and we need their knowledge, but we have boycotted them and separated ourselves from them for over seven years because they did not declare this person and that person to be innovators [i.e. they did not make tabdee' of these individuals].

Did Shaykh 'Abdul-Muhsin write Rifqan in defence of Abul-Hassan?

Is what some people spread correct that Shaykh 'Abdul-Muhsin (Al-'Abbaad), may Allaah grant him success, wrote this book (Rifqan Ahla-s-Sunnah bi Ahli-s-Sunnah, Oh people of Sunnah be gentle with the people of Sunnah) in defence of Abu-l-Hassan (Al-Ma'ribee)?

ISIS and what took place in Syria at beginning

This organisation are (a bunch of) criminals. They emerged initially out of the womb of Al-Qaeda.

Manners and correct method of advising and refuting an innovator

In fact, it is incumbent to refute them (the deviants who are firmly rooted in deviance, those who were nurtured upon deviance) with the sayings of Allaah and His Messenger.

Don’t forget your brothers in Dammaj

Many questions are concerning what is occurring now—especially today—to our brothers in Dammaj. They are asking what is our obligation concerning them?

Golden advice concerning manhaj issues

“My advice is for them (youth who ascribe themselves to knowledge and speak ill concerning some of the scholars) to seek knowledge and avoid the obstacles along the path, no matter which of the scholars is spoken about. It’s upon them to cling to the path, and to busy themselves with knowledge and worship."

Words of advice regarding recent bombing in Kuwait

Words of advice to the youth regarding what took place in Kuwait.

Beware what you say and do to fellow Salafee

“…O servant of Allaah, beware of taking speech [of other Salafees about scholars, students of knowledge or innovators] out of context.

I am a Sunni and I am not a Salafee

As for the saying: ‘I am a Sunni and I am not a Salafee.’ Then this statement is contradictory!

In defence of al-'Allaamah Bakr Aboo Zayd

The questioner (may Allaah grant him success) asks: “What is your advice regarding the ones who say that the scholars and I say (words unclear) warn against the books of Shaykh Bakr (Aboo Zayd) and say that they should not be read?”

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