The Arabic word shirk is the opposite of Tawheed, Allaah’s oneness and uniqueness, and is more inclusive than polytheism and idolatry. Shirk contradicts the very purpose of creation as expressed in the Qur’aan:

[“I have not created jinn or mankind except to worship Me alone.”]

Qur’aan [51:56]

Prophets were sent with the mission to eradicate shirk and to invite humanity to single out Allaah in worship.

What is shirk?

Shirk is to associate someone other than Allaah in those aspects which are unique to Allaah and His exclusive right. Shirk is to worship created beings like Allaah is worshipped, to venerate created beings like Allaah must be venerated, and to assign a portion of His divinity to someone else.

Severity of Shirk

There is no issue upon which Islaam is so strict as the one of Tawheed (monotheism).  Therefore, shirk is considered the greatest violation with which the Lord of the heavens and the earth is defied.

Advising a mother who commits acts of Shirk

"My mother seeks help from the dead and worships other than Allaah in other ways as well. I continue to advise her but my efforts appear to be in vain. Can you please advise her via this recorded lecture?"

He offered sacrifices for other than Allaah then passed away

Question: "He says that his relative passed away while he used to offer sacrifices for other than Allaah [(تعالى) Ta’aala (The Most High)], bearing in mind that he lived in a village...

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